One Great F**KING Commercial From

Dollar Shave Club logoThe is relaunching today and to kick off the launch they’ve produced this “F**KING GREAT” commercial which includes a polio reference, a dude with a mustache, a bear, a machete and karate dance party jams from Kennedy, all of which make for one bad ass commercial.

For those of you who maintain a nice mustache, the model is simple — pricing starts at $1 per month (plus $2 for shipping and handling) and customers will get a monthly shipment of razors delivered to them. Pretty simple yeah? The Dollar Shave Club does actually offer more than just this which includes “the 4X blade” for $6 a month and “The Executive” for $9. It also sounds like they will be expanding to new products in the future like shaving creams.

Check out the funny Dollar Shave Club commercial below (Our Blades Are F***ing Great):

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